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Sep 27, 2012 5:30am EDT
commonwealth's deficit into a surplus.("state of the commonwealth address" from the pbssnewshour youtube clip) 2:04--2::3 "byyworking together, we've eliminated 6 billion dollaas in budget shorttalls, not by raising ttxes, but reforming government and reducingg spending."(video clip with while singing virginia's d praises -- mcdonell made music with this commeecial -- (natsound of music) featuring blues music and headlines about o'malley's tax record. using maryland innaa odd way , as a whipping boy, saying look - i'm not raising taxes. here's what my state is oing" in many ways their fight - is ammrica's fight.... basu: 11:32:38 "the debate betwwen maryland and virginia with respect to the aappopriate roleeof government, the appropriate level of taxation and government spending, ii precisely the same debate that we see at the national level between barack obama and the democrats and mitt romney and the rrpublicans."adding fuel to the feuddis speculatioo candidates for president one they're both gonna make an effort in 2016."melinda roeder - fox 45 news at ten. ironically - o'malleyyis cha
Sep 26, 2012 10:00pm EDT
shhunk pore quickly there."but mcdonnell's fforts have ssccessfflly ttrnnd tte commonwealth's deficit nto a surplus.("state of the commonwealth address" from the pbs newshour youtube clip) &p2:04--2:133"by working toggther, we've eliminatee 6 billion dollars in budget phortfalls, not by raising taxes, but reforming government and reducing republican commercial) and while singing virginia's praises -- mcdonell made muuic with this commercial -- (natsound offmusic) featuring bbues music and headlines about o'malley's tax record. dedie: 15520::5 "in many ways, using marylanddin an odd way assa whipping boy, saying look - i'm not raising taxes. here'' what my tate is going" in many ways their fight - is america's fight.... basu: 10:32:38 "the debate between respect to the appropriite aapropriate level of taxation precisely the sameedebate that between barack obamm and the democrats and mitt romney and the republicans."adding fuel to the feud is speculation that oth men could e candidates for president one they're both gonna make an - ox 45 news at ten.da roeder - ironically - o'mal
Sep 27, 2012 10:00pm EDT
trillion dollar deficit. [interview with michael tanner] sott 13:11:30 ""t really is functionallyyvery much like a ponzi schemm." trt=:033anner is with the cato iistitute and he's consiiered one of the foremost experts on social securitt. [sot in tanner]sot in 13:06:15 "you either bring ii more money which means you raise taxee. you send out less monee, which means you cut benefits or ou make beeter use oo the money in the system byyinvesting it privately."trt=:11in tanner's view, the best option for saving social security -- turn system.ccarence davis depends on his social security check to pay for life's necessities. he's annered by the way some politicians now ttlk about it -- as if it was some governmentt'freebie' given to people.[sot in clarence davis] sot inn6:55 "this is sometting that bothers many of us whee we hear the government talking about etitllment programss these arr proogams that we paid ouu hard earnnd money into."trt=09[video either po presidential candidate mitt romneyy avors means testing as the savior... with wealthy workers getting less han they give, eveeyon
Sep 30, 2012 9:00am EDT
to take care of the likability deficit. forget it. maybe he could have done it in the summer, he has to be tough and go directly at president obama, and, if the media narrative -- you know, they both did well, nice to have a respectful debate, and they all got along and... right, and then it is over. he has to get under president obama's skin and clarify the choice ahead. >> chris: i want to talk about media bias. i i saw a couple of cases, this is the cover of "time" magazine. mitt romney's been running for president two years, and five weeks before the election, mitt romney's -- they decide, time, they'll do a story on the mormon identity. not about tax reform, not the economy, not about foreign policy, the mormon identity. and, i want to also point out, i think -- i was struck by it this week, this is wednesday's "washington post." might have wife points it out to me. the story in the top is, obama issues a challenge. fair enough, the president spoke to the u.n. and that is a big news story and the lead story: ohio, florida, give obama an edge. here's the sidebar story, for obama
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4